Videogames highlights - February 2009

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In Depth - A merciless lens pointed on the hot topics, passionate and detailed retrospectives, reflections beyond the appearances If it’s true that the publishers’ preferred period to launch videogame blockbusters is the month of December, the last remnants of this winter are no less for triple-A releases and delivery of interesting stuff taken from games in development. Be it viral videos, screenshots, trailers or making-of, the nice thing of a videogaming industry that surpassed Hollywood in size is that there is always something to talk about and the hype machine works at full blast without any halt.

Capcom (Dead Rising 2, Resident Evil 5)

While enjoying the Street Fighter IV hit, Capcom is thinking about the future by releasing the first details on Dead Rising 2, the sequel of the action/adventure/RPG game exclusively delivered on Xbox 360 in 2006. If in the first chapter the hero had to fight his way in a shopping mall infested by zombies, mowing the undead with conventional and not-so-conventional weapons, in the new episode the battlefield includes an entire town, the zombiefing virus has spread through all the United States and the undead to cut off are tens of thousands. And all of this will happen, other than on Xbox 360, on PC and PS3 too.

Regarding the closer future, furthermore, Resident Evil 5 is already out in Japan since the 5th of March and will be released in the USA and Europe on March 13. And if the almost two millions downloads of demo say something, it’s highly probable that the game will have the same welcome reserved by fans to the long time awaited new episode of the Street Fighter saga. The impact of the reboot promised by Capcom for the inevitable Resident Evil 6 it’s something that will be surely taken into account later…

Dead Rising 2 - screenshot 1 Dead Rising 2 - screenshot 2

Dead Rising 2 - screenshot 3 Dead Rising 2 - screenshot 4

Resident Evil 5 - screenshot 1 Resident Evil 5 - screenshot 2

Resident Evil 5 - screenshot 3 Resident Evil 5 - screenshot 4

Resident Evil 5 - screenshot 5 Resident Evil 5 - screenshot 6

Resident Evil 5 - screenshot 7 Resident Evil 5 - screenshot 8

Resident Evil 5 - screenshot 9 Resident Evil 5 - screenshot 10

Resident Evil 5 - screenshot 11 Resident Evil 5 - screenshot 12

Resident Evil 5 - screenshot 13

Blizzard (Diablo III, StarCraft II)

That Blizzard have decided to sit out the next E3, as the company announced in February, is no surprise at all: the software house presents its games during the in-house show BlizzCon since years, and the last year one was particularly interesting for the attendance of Diablo III. Whatever it is, for StarCraft II they are already starting to talk about beta testing, a development phase that should open within the next months and that will also give the opportunity to try the new generation of on-line platform.

Diablo III - screenshot 1 Diablo III - screenshot 2

Diablo III - screenshot 3 Diablo III - screenshot 4

Diablo III - screenshot 5 Diablo III - screenshot 6

Diablo III - screenshot 7 Diablo III - screenshot 8

Diablo III - screenshot 9 StarCraft II - screenshot 1

StarCraft II - screenshot 2 StarCraft II - screenshot 3

StarCraft II - screenshot 4 StarCraft II - screenshot 5

StarCraft II - screenshot 6 StarCraft II - screenshot 7

StarCraft II - screenshot 8 StarCraft II - screenshot 9

StarCraft II - screenshot 10 StarCraft II - screenshot 11

StarCraft II - screenshot 12 StarCraft II - screenshot 13

Activision (Wolverine, Singularity)

On February Activision showed the first trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the tie-in from the movie starring the less pleasant superhero of the universe. Another particularly interesting title is then Singularity, also developed by Raven Software for Activision and based on the middleware architecture Unreal Engine 3. A first person shooter to be released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, Singularity should take advantage other than Raven developers’ expertise also of a little bit of originality, being the game focused on a device capable of manipulating time and matter at the protagonist’s liking. Yes, apparently such device can be also used to terminate the opponents in the most horribly possible ways.

Singularity - screenshot 1 Singularity - screenshot 2

Singularity - screenshot 3 Singularity - screenshot 4

Singularity - screenshot 5 Singularity - screenshot 6

Singularity - screenshot 7 Singularity - screenshot 8


MadWorld, that is the game with which Sega wants to bring cartoonish super-violence to Wii is out in these days, therefore it seems to me fair to point out the release of a trailer made up like a media reality show that more than Big Brother reminds Paul Verhoeven and something like Starship Troopers. Just more violent. Tasty.

Cursed Mountain

And talking about Wii there is obviously room for Cursed Mountain too, the survival horror with a Tibetan background, damned mountains, restless spirits and zero technology. At lest within the game, because from the outside the “tech” couldn’t be more “high” considering that the player uses Nintendo’s wireless controller to lead the protagonist.

Cursed Mountain - screenshot 1 Cursed Mountain - screenshot 2

Cursed Mountain - screenshot 3 Cursed Mountain - screenshot 4

Cursed Mountain - screenshot 5 Cursed Mountain - screenshot 6

Cursed Mountain - screenshot 7 Cursed Mountain - screenshot 8

LucasArts (Star Wars, Indiana Jones)

From the ruined Lucas house here they come a making-of for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the on-line massive game set in the abused Star Wars universe and new details and screenshots for Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings. LucasArts has notified that the new Indy’s 3D videogame (that will roughly miss all the new generation platforms but will be out on Wii, PS2, DS and PSP) will let also play to the classic adventure game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, year 1992 and an age in which the software house was still worth the name it carries. In The Staff of Kings the archaeologist with the whip and the hat will go to seek for the Moses Staff, and in the Wii version the player will use the Wiimote as if it was the aforementioned whip.

Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings (Wii) - screenshot 1 Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings (Wii) - screenshot 2

Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings (Wii) - screenshot 3 Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings (Wii) - screenshot 4

Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings (Wii) - screenshot 5 Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings (Wii) - screenshot 6

Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings (Wii) - screenshot 7

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