Videogames highlights – July 2017

In Depth - A merciless lens pointed on the hot topics, passionate and detailed retrospectives, reflections beyond the appearances Eh, good times when retro gaming was an activity performed by me, Nicola Salmoria and a few other mad fellows obsessed with raster graphics and arcade games based on Motorola CPUs. Nowadays old games are trendy, they feed the buying and selling market of used and rare stuff that doesn’t know price limits or, even worse, an endless revival of the classic machines emulated on low-profile hardware. In this new world of old bits that never go out of fashion every discovery of an unfinished prototype becomes almost an event, and a historic game like the first Half-Life is still being supported with patches and bugfixes 19 years after its release. For Valve, at least, there is a valid excuse: they don’t make original games any more.

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