Videogames highlights - March 2014

June 13, 2014 · Filed Under In Depth, Videogaming · Comment 
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In Depth - A merciless lens pointed on the hot topics, passionate and detailed retrospectives, reflections beyond the appearancesWhat is the best way to promote gaming development, a streaming service like OnLive which is trying to revive from its own ashes or a de facto monopolist like Intel dictating ludicrous progress rhythms (with an extra 100 MHz for every new generation) to x86 CPUs? A virtual reality helmet like Oculus Rift (DK2) selling itself to Facebook’s social advertising business or a dedicated GPU that’s incredibly expensive and basically useless like NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX TITAN Z? Foolishness aside, what really matters is that PC technology will continue to evolve forever. Or at least that’s what I hope for.

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