Tron 2 and Evil Dead 4, the return of the classics

UPDATE: As largely expected, the censorial axe of Disney has knocked down on the bootleg available on YouTube. Not that this matters: I’ve updated the post with the the same video hosted on a Russian portal, and the .flv file available on Sir Arthur’s Den server is always in its place.

Babel fish - A mental interface between Sir Arthur's sensibility and the events from the outer world. And for all the rest, too ComiCon International 2008, an event full of comics, animations and videogames that took place during the last week-end in San Diego, reserved a couple of stunning surprises for those inflexible with quality popular movies, a type of entertainment that counts, beside pop-corn, also on directors, actors and ideas above the usual mud supplied by the majors which then complain about of being (rightly) on the edge of bankruptcy.

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