Videogames highlights – July 2013

In Depth - A merciless lens pointed on the hot topics, passionate and detailed retrospectives, reflections beyond the appearances Traditional publishers think about making money first instead of showing at least a bit of respect for the user and his needs, and that’s a fact. But as the recent case of Broken Age teaches, the path of self-production has its own drawbacks as well: despite a multi-million crowdfunding campaign closed on Kickstarter, designer Tim Schafer and his Double Fine ended up exceeding their budget – which had unexpectedly grown already compared to the initial expectations – and now plan to collect new funds by releasing a first half of the game on the Steam Early Access service. An uncharted territory, really, while traditional AAA productions continue to grind millions of dollars in stores. It’s all Star Wars’ fault, it’s always Star Wars’ fault one way or another.

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