CPU upgrade, from T6400 to X9100. Because 3 GHz are way better than 2 GHz…

UPDATE: After a few months the CPU upgrade turned to be a remarkable failure. I advise anyone against this kind of practice and I invite you to read the post regarding my useless troubleshooting efforts.

Guides & Reviews - Friendly and complete guides for software usage, reviews careful about the stuff that matters. In respect of the motto: No Panic! I purchased my latest computer in absolute emergency conditions, and except for an annoying, sound-related issue when I extensively use the network (a fact for which I would be inclined to blame and damn Vista SP1) I’m satisfied with it until now. But being obliged to spend a limited budget obviously didn’t hinder me to upgrade the system main component, the CPU, overlapping to satisfaction the pleasure of having a fairly recent setup to let me use it in scenarios that are a little less retrograde than the ones I’m usually accustomed to.

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A.D. 2012, The Art of Video Games exhibit in Washington D.C.

News - A succession of fresh, quality news, from inside and outside of the Web If the world won’t end before with a huge and yet wee galactic fart, in 2012 there is a date to pin down on the agenda for who will be lucky enough to be around Washington D.C. In the United States capital city, and more exactly at the prestigious Smithsonian American Art Museum, the exhibit The Art of Video Games will be held between March 16 and September 9, 2012, a systematic, interactive and visually rich journey centered on the history of the first 40 years of the videogaming medium.

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Snapshots #2: calm & havoc

Babel fish - A mental interface between Sir Arthur's sensibility and the events from the outer world. And for all the rest, too Someone will find it unlikely, but I’m still dealing with the system restore a month after (and waiting to upgrade to Windows 7): to have to download the newest version of any program every time (maybe waiting for hours on eMule) makes you tired hence I’m going forward with the work only within snippets of time and sometimes during weekend. Conversely, after the old crap of the last time, I’m currently falling prey of the almost uncontrollable desire to get and play to whatever taste like “contemporary”.

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