InformationTo whom had been unluckily got into this corner of the Web: welcome. I’d have the insane wish of citing - in full respect for one of my many obsessions - Star Trek once again, and the infamous introduction of the “captain’s journal” to which many of my contemporaries owe their passion for sci-fi and bald heads, but I must resist. I resist, and I try to be practical, for this time at least, in what would be the “official” introduction page of this website…

Sir Arthur’s Den is the personal project and the perversion of the impulses fake-author alike of one Alfonso Maruccia, thirty years old, Virgo’s (for what is worth…) and in a constant need of changing his lifestyle and his nutritional customs. Currently the said figure, insofar as he would so much found a sub-eta transmitter and ask for an hitch to any non-vogon spaceship for a new life as Galaxy hitchhiker, lives in Bologna Montesarchio and contributes on professional publications in the field of IT and similar sectors.

My main activity is presently made up of editing daily stuff for Punto Informatico, stories of robotics for the publication RoboZak and obviously of taking care of this blog, fresh, hard setup blog. Involved in computer science since the beginning of times, in the last years I’ve developed a pathological inclination into attending to topics on the boundary between the mere technics and the behavioral mutations engaged by the stable presence of “intelligent” electronic gadgets in the contemporary lifestyle.

“Digital” rights, will of control of the economic potentates of the multimedia industry, protection technologies gone rotted, if some topics aren’t hot and actual I do not want them. Of course without spurning the first love after love (videogames), security or else the holes stuffing any respectable Microsoft OS and an healthy passion for the application software typical of which has grown with newsstand publications filled with mini-reviews on the shareware software of the Nineties…

Budda do' VesuvioPretty predictably this blog feeds on these passions, and would like to succeed in pushing forward within the multitude of personal sites that the content publishing boom has made prosper in the recent Internet. Eventually, I hope to put together something interesting and pleasant to read as much as to write about. Ambitious target, for sure, but Sir Arthur’s Den has the advantage of not being connected with the prejudiced logics typical of the most poor sub-cultures that are trendy nowadays.

Who writes on this blog is not a “fanboy”, he is not an Apple exalted and he is not a fanatic “Winar”: I listen to music on my iPod, I play with my PSP portable console, I use Windows XP daily and I surround myself of a growing number of open source applications. However this does not prevent myself of being conscious of the fact that the commercial policies of Apple are a sewer, Sony is the true reason of most of the modern problems of computer science and videogames and Microsoft tend to beat a new lowness peak with every new product introduced to the users, more and more treated as poultry and much less respected as it should be.

So said, probably I’ve said too much. Ideas are a lot, time is always scarce, so I stop here and go further. In conclusion of this rather sui generis introduction I make clear that in spite of everything I’m not mad, and the “zen-ish” pose in the photo here on the right side was the idea of a moment, a creative folly owed to too much heat penetrated into my head during the trip on the Vesuvio of some months ago. The pose is called, precisely, “Budda do’ Vesuvio”, and it’s the demonstration of the fact that life, for what is worth, flows away more pleasantly with a dull smile printed on your face from time to time…

Sir Arthur, King of Ghouls’n Ghosts, June 27, 2008

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