Legend of Grimrock released on GOG.com

News - A succession of fresh, quality news, from inside and outside of the WebFrom the mist of the video gaming past a genre thought extinct returns, thanks to a title provided with “an oldschool heart but a modern execution“: the genre is the grid-based dungeon crawlers one, the game which brings it to the present is Legend of Grimrock made by Finnish developer Almost Human. LoG has been released starting from April 11 on the software house site, Steam and on GOG.com, and in this last case the release is particularly important because it matches the renewal of the gaming digital delivery “alternative” service for PC.

GOG.com, the fact is already known, dismissed its old “Good Old Games” incarnation to extend sale to newer titles. The evolution of the original mission is related to the service and community modernization, a new layout for the web portal, a bigger integration with social networks and more. GOG.com is now “Bigger, Fresher, Newer“, promises to treat its users with velvet gloves as usual and announces to have secured rights for the release of 20 newer titles during the upcoming months.

Among these new games there is room for triple-A blockbusters like Assassin’s Creed: Director’s Cut but also for indie-born games that won among critics and the public like the wonderful puzzle-platformer Trine, the point-and-click adventures The Whispered World and the weird Machinarium. Legend of Grimrock is an exquisitely indie title too, born from the hard work by veterans of the field previously employed at Remedy Entertainment (Max Payne, Alan Wake) and the developer of popular graphic benchmarks Futuremark.

Released after a short preorder campaign discounted over the final price, LoG is a role-playing game that follows the gameplay of classic titles like Dungeon Master and my beloved Eye of the Beholder: the player controls a four-characters party chosen among three different classes (fighter, rogue and mage), prisoners on Mount Grimrock for crimes that they “may or may not have committed” in search for a way out of the dungeons full of monsters, traps and secret passages going across the mountain from the summit to the bottom.

The Internet has already expressed itself with largely positive judgements on the intrinsic qualities of the game, and as for the GOG.com specific release purchasers will have access (at the special price of 13.49 dollars until April 18) to the DRM crap-free download plus manual, wallpapers, maps, soundtrack, forum avatars, artworks and more. Lastly, on the official blog developers state they have already covered development costs “many times over” in just three days of sales and they are working on the first patch for the game (version 1.1.4) to fix some bugs and bring compatibility improvements.

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