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News - A succession of fresh, quality news, from inside and outside of the WebEven though it has partially overcome its original mission to be the cornerstone of legal retrogaming on PC, (formerly Good Old Games) continues to delight old gamers’ taste (and even the new ones tired of the usual FPSes or the dumb casual games for smartphones) by releasing true gems of the past equipped with compatibility fixes for the latest Windows OSes. During the last days the digital store has practically ran wild in that regard delivering the first two chapters of the Thief series and announcing the coming of the historical Full Motion Video horrors made by Trilobyte.

Available in DRM-free version at the price tag of 9.99 dollars, Thief: Gold is the extended edition of the “first person stealth game” created by Looking Glass Studios in 1998. With Thief: The Dark Project, the then-stale first person shooter genre got a new gameplay approach and a new perspective: the one of thief Garrett, the mercenary anti-hero that way before Desmond Miles or Ezio Auditore made sneaky action and corpse hiding an art and an extremely fun and rewarding experience for the player.

Thief: The Dark Project - screenshot 1Thief: The Dark Project - screenshot 2Thief: The Dark Project - screenshot 3

After Thief the FPS world hasn’t been the same anymore: the availability of this nth seminal title in the catalogue is the third addition (after Deus Ex and Hitman) following the debut of publisher Square Enix/Eidos on the digital store. Unfortunately, it seems that the “restoration” work made by the Polish programmers hasn’t removed all the game’s compatibility issues with the new versions of Windows, therefore who would like to return to play in Garrett’s clothes will have to follow the same guides and the same advices already available on-line and addressing the original release.

The same fate of troublesome compatibility affects Thief II: The Metal Age, second chapter of the series featuring the thief Garrett and the last one developed by Looking Glass Studios: released in 2000 and available now on at the same price tag of the first chapter, Thief II contains the usual “stealth gameplay” elements with sound and light sources in the leading role more than ever while adding better graphics and AI, a new equipment at master Garrett’s disposal and an even more complex and steampunk imbued plot.

Thief II: The Metal Age - screenshot 1Thief II: The Metal Age - screenshot 2Thief II: The Metal Age - screenshot 3

Soon on there will be another couple of historical titles: the digital store announced a partnership with Trilobyte, the software house that in the first half of the Nineties considerably promoted the success of the CD-ROM format with its adventures featuring pre-rendered 3D graphics and Full Motion Video with professional actors. The first Trilobyte-branded game to land on will naturally be the record-breaking The 7th Guest, later followed by the second chapter of the series The 11th Hour. The price tag for both is set at 9.99 dollars.

The 7th Guest - screenshot 1The 7th Guest - screenshot 2The 7th Guest - screenshot 3

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