Naruto: Shippūden episode 141 – Truth

Babel fish - A mental interface between Sir Arthur's sensibility and the events from the outer world. And for all the rest, too Hi there everybody, long time no see huh? 😛 I’m not dead, the blog is not dead nor is the will to post, let’s just say that I’ve taken a little, forced break because of the lack of serenity in my life and the resulting difficulty to focus on amusing and yet demanding activities like writing some text on these pages. On the other hand Christmas is here, the most shitty period of the year full of hypocrisy and chocolate crap to sweeten the most sensitive palates. So better enjoying the last episode of Naruto Shippuuden’s sixth season, where the secrets unfold and Madara reveals the truth about Itachi’s past and the real motivations that drove him on his cursed pathway. Provided this version is the “real” truth, anyway… (alternative hosting); Episodes list on Wikipedia; Naruto on Sir Arthur’s Den.

P.S.In case of copyright-racism censorship (the Americans watch Naruto for free), I recommend to follow the link and try with alternative streaming platforms.

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