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In Depth - A merciless lens pointed on the hot topics, passionate and detailed retrospectives, reflections beyond the appearances Ok I admit it, I’m a certified liar because if my personal review of old classics goes on tirelessly the amount of time required for a post of the series Videogames highlights is always the same, nay it’s getting worse. That’s the reason why I’ll change formula here, and instead of a monstrous and rebellious blob (at least for me writing it) containing any sort of thing I return to a less rich but more selected collection of videogaming stuff of the past month. Hoping that the June post won’t be on-line on September :-/


Bionic Commando, the remake of the arcade classic from the Eighties developed in partnership with GRIN, has already been distributed on new generation consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3) between May and June. The only missing version is the PC one, awaited for July and to which refer the following 15 screenshots. There are two video clips too, the first one belonging to the series “lab report” showing the game features and the second intended as a general trailer.

Bionic Commando - screenshot 1Bionic Commando - screenshot 2Bionic Commando - screenshot 3

Bionic Commando - screenshot 4Bionic Commando - screenshot 5Bionic Commando - screenshot 6

Bionic Commando - screenshot 7Bionic Commando - screenshot 8Bionic Commando - screenshot 9

Bionic Commando - screenshot 10Bionic Commando - screenshot 11Bionic Commando - screenshot 12

Bionic Commando - screenshot 13Bionic Commando - screenshot 14Bionic Commando - screenshot 15

Early on June, at Los Angeles, there was the 2009 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the videogaming exhibition reborn from its ashes which saw the presentation of a huge amount of games and products. Capcom wasn’t at E3 for its supposed concerns about the swine flu, but for what concerns the zombie-game Dead Rising 2 however the company showed the following pre-E3 video.


The sandbox game featuring the super-mutant Alex J. Mercer Prototype was already published in the first days of June on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, and judging from the sales performance (excellent in UK and not only) and the critical reception developer Radical Entertainment must have made an excellent work with explosions, destructions and genetic bestialities filling up the game. Starting from Mercer himself, of course.

Prototype - screenshot 1Prototype - screenshot 2Prototype - screenshot 3

Prototype - screenshot 4Prototype - screenshot 5Prototype - screenshot 6

Prototype - screenshot 7Prototype - screenshot 8Prototype - screenshot 9

Prototype - screenshot 10Prototype - screenshot 11Prototype - screenshot 12

Prototype - screenshot 13

If Prototype is an all new IP that has been well received by the public, another title published by Activision and developed by Raven Software represents the return of the historic character of special agent B.J. Blazkowicz. Wolfenstein, the new chapter of the shoot’em up saga that ignited the adventure of Texan company id Software, is awaited for the next 4th of August and will see once again our hero facing crazy Nazis obsessed with occultism and world domination.

Electronic Arts

Brütal Legend, the game packed with action and hard metal born by the sick imagination of Tim Schafer and its Double Fine Productions, is currently threatened by a lawsuit from ex-publisher Activision, however development doesn’t stop as well as the list of guest stars hired for dubbing continues to grow. Together with Jack “Tenacious” Black (depicted in the following video) will give their voice to game’s characters legendary people like Tim Curry, chosen to replace Ronnie James Dio for his well know performing skills.

Brütal Legend - screenshot 1Brütal Legend - screenshot 2Brütal Legend - screenshot 3

Brütal Legend - screenshot 4Brütal Legend - screenshot 5Brütal Legend - screenshot 6

Brütal Legend - screenshot 7Brütal Legend - screenshot 8Brütal Legend - screenshot 9

Brütal Legend - screenshot 10Brütal Legend - screenshot 11Brütal Legend - screenshot 12

Brütal Legend - screenshot 13Brütal Legend - screenshot 14Brütal Legend - screenshot 15

Brütal Legend - screenshot 16Brütal Legend - screenshot 17Brütal Legend - screenshot 18

Brütal Legend - screenshot 19Brütal Legend - screenshot 20Brütal Legend - screenshot 21

Brütal Legend - screenshot 22Brütal Legend - screenshot 23Brütal Legend - screenshot 24

Brütal Legend - screenshot 25Brütal Legend - screenshot 26

Developed by BioWare RPG specialists and published by Electronic Arts, Dragon Age: Origins is defined as the spiritual heir of classic series Baldur’s Gate, even if it won’t be based (as the former was) on Dungeons & Dragons. Set in a world that changes after the player actions (who has no obligation to select a moral alignment but can decide how to behave in the various situations he will face), the new, titanic BioWare project adopts some of the features of its predecessors (the aforementioned Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights) like real-time fight and the possibility to pause the game to give the party orders, adding on them new ones like spells interaction to create chain effects. The game will be out for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on October.

Dragon Age: Origins - screenshot 1Dragon Age: Origins - screenshot 2Dragon Age: Origins - screenshot 3

Dragon Age: Origins - screenshot 4Dragon Age: Origins - screenshot 5Dragon Age: Origins - screenshot 6

Dragon Age: Origins - screenshot 7Dragon Age: Origins - screenshot 8Dragon Age: Origins - screenshot 9

Dragon Age: Origins - screenshot 10Dragon Age: Origins - screenshot 11Dragon Age: Origins - screenshot 12

In days predating the E3, Electronic Arts released a video clip for The Saboteur. The action/stealth/shooter game developed by Pandemic Studios has now a publishing date, November 30 2009, supposedly effective for all three supported platforms (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC).


It’s really unfortunate that as time goes on PlayStation 3 proves to be more and more half a failure, because Sony Computer Entertainment line-up for the once-queen of interactive entertainment includes absolutely interesting titles. Take for example Demon’s Souls, developed by From Software (the same folks of Ninja Blade) and defined by publisher Atlus which will release it in North America during fall (the game is already out in Asia and Japan) as “the ultimate action RPG”, a game that is apparently hard and gratifying at the same time with a dark fantasy setting full of demoniac creatures and gigantic foes. The following video isn’t new but it’s worth a look.

Demon's Souls - screenshot 1Demon's Souls - screenshot 2Demon's Souls - screenshot 3

Demon's Souls - screenshot 4Demon's Souls - screenshot 5Demon's Souls - screenshot 6

Demon's Souls - screenshot 7Demon's Souls - screenshot 8Demon's Souls - screenshot 9

Demon's Souls - screenshot 10

Talking about PS3 titles no other game is interesting as much as God of War III, the new episode of the action series which blew up on PS2 and that prepares to come to the latest Sony console within March 2010. Maybe the impact on the market won’t be the same of first episode, but from a graphic standpoint the experience should be at least guaranteed. If one is crazy enough to spend his money for a PS3, of course…

God of War III - screenshot 1God of War III - screenshot 2God of War III - screenshot 3

God of War III - screenshot 4God of War III - screenshot 5God of War III - screenshot 6

God of War III - screenshot 7God of War III - screenshot 8God of War III - screenshot 9

Judging from the following screenshots and video, in Heavy Rain the player will have to carry out some pretty dangerous investigation. Developed by Quantic Dream exclusively for PS3, the psychologic thriller based on oppressive atmospheres and context sensitive actions performed by the player will be out within the first part of 2010.

Heavy Rain - screenshot 1Heavy Rain - screenshot 2Heavy Rain - screenshot 3

Heavy Rain - screenshot 4Heavy Rain - screenshot 5Heavy Rain - screenshot 6

Heavy Rain - screenshot 7Heavy Rain - screenshot 8Heavy Rain - screenshot 9

Heavy Rain - screenshot 10Heavy Rain - screenshot 11Heavy Rain - screenshot 12

Heavy Rain - screenshot 13Heavy Rain - screenshot 14Heavy Rain - screenshot 15

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