ScummVM 0.13.0 delivers new adventure games

News - A succession of fresh, quality news, from inside and outside of the Web The classics, by definition, never go out of fashion, let alone if they are the graphic adventures of past decades. And the preferred tool of true adventurers is ScummVM, a software that works as an interpreter between data files of such adventures and modern operating systems. After 6 months since the release of version 0.12.0, in these days developers have delivered a new main release of the virtual machine, which includes novelties both for the interface and supported games.

ScummVM 0.13.0 adds in fact four new games to the solid list of supported titles, two of which (Blue’s 123 Time Activities and Blue’s ABC Time Activities) developed by kid software publisher Humongous Entertainment. The other two games are the already mentioned The 7th Guest, a horror adventure in Full Motion Video (FMV) considered to be the killer application for the adoption of CD-ROM format on the PC and Bud Tucker in Double Trouble, an adventure developed by Merit Studios in 1996.

From horror in this case there is a changeover to a more traditional insane humour, spiced by cartoon graphics and an improbable storyline: the player controls the destiny of Bud Tucker, a pizza delivery boy by day and a lab assistant by night. Things get complicated when the villain Dick Tate kidnaps the Professor with the aim of exploiting one of his inventions, then Bud can’t help but collect objects, deal with multiple-choice conversations and solve puzzles to save the world from Tate’s evil plans.

Bud Tucker in Double Trouble - screenshot 1 Bud Tucker in Double Trouble - screenshot 2

As of the interface, ScummVM 0.13.0 includes a rewritten GUI now based on vector graphics instead of a bitmap one, a new global menu working with all the engines (hence with all supported games), a unified menu for savegame management (though it doesn’t wok in any case), the “long awaited” ability to return back to launcher from inside a started game and a new button “Load” integrated in the aforementioned launcher.

The minor changes include then the addition of automatic savegame and MIDI music for the Kyra engine (The Legend of Kyrandia, Hand of Fate, Malcolm’s Revenge), the implementation of radio-chatting in The Dig and the addition of a MIDI driver for the Atari ST / FreeMiNT platform. As usual, ScummVM 0.13.0 can be downloaded from the rich downloads page on the official site, on which there are the source code, binary packages for tens of different platform (Windows, Linux, Mac, PSP, Dreamcast, Wii, Windows CE, …), some freeware adventures and much more.

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