Good Old Games betatesting goes public

October 24, 2008 · Filed Under Emulation & Retrogaming, News 

News - A succession of fresh, quality news, from inside and outside of the WebA few weeks after the announcement of the private beta program broadening, the Good Old Games folks are officially stating the public opening of the site in these hours. The retrogaming digital store is now ready to receive the orphans of the good ol’ games and who struggles in the abandonware and the incompatibilities between old software and new OSes, hoping that the economic results will be enough to attract new publishers willing to a embrace the peculiar business model chosen by the CD Projekt guys.

No more teaser pages, sign-ups, or access keys. After a very successful Early Access Beta we’re moving into Open Beta” says the message posted on the store homepage. “The success of the Early Access Beta showed us that there is huge demand for DRM-free classic PC games, and it helped us to prepare the site for the public launch. We are endlessly grateful to the users for their support and assistance” has stated Adam Oldakowski, managing director. - Welcome to public beta splash screen

Hence the retrogaming fans have nothing to do but register an account, browse the available games catalogue and begin to make retro-purchases taking advantage from the clear and extremely functional interface of On the occasion of public beta start, the retrostore staff has also announced that the publisher Strategy First and the software house Pluto 13 / Piranha Bytes have joined the catalogue, bringing to the store games like Sacred, Jagged Alliance, Disciples and Gothic.

Who have already purchased Fallout in version, furthermore, is now able to freely download the Fallout Bible, a 205 (virtual) pages tome containing everything related to the well-known CRPG post-apocalyptic saga created by Black Isle Studios. Waiting to return to talk about as soon as possible with an all-inclusive review (just the time to complete Shogo, make some other purchases and ask for some sales data to the CD Projekt folks :-P), I invite who would be interested to take a look at the use impressions on the first videogame store suited to the real needs of PC users.

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