Good Old Games, who wants a beta invite code?

September 28, 2008 · Filed Under Babel fish, Emulation & Retrogaming 

UPDATE: A lucky user writing from the USA has received via mail the invite code that has granted me. Happy retrogaming to him, to me and everyone enjoys the experience :-P

Babel fish - A mental interface between Sir Arthur's sensibility and the events from the outer world. And for all the rest, tooDunno why (yet), but the beta of Good Old Games, the digital store of retrogaming that would like to become a point of reference for the peculiar audience to which it refers, isn’t closed yet. Not so bad, anyway, personally I’ll profit to continue to test the service, buy some old classic that I still haven’t played and more generally devote myself to my preferred activity after sex. That is retrogaming :-D

Meanwhile, inviting to the previous post on the matter for the first use impressions on the store who would like to know more, I can’t help but report that, as widely expected by myself, the rediscovered compatibility of the old games with the modern operating systems owes everything, for the titles designed to run under DOS, to one of the most advanced emulators out there. A predictable choice, and surely obliged, that I won’t miss to deepen during the review when the service will be up and running.

The beta continues, and at this point the staff hasn’t revealed an exact date for its ending. The folks have however thought about providing to registered users (dunno if randomly or indiscriminately or whatever) an invite code to further broaden the testing, an obvious sign of the fact that the platform still needs some tweaks and feedbacks before reaching the proper maturity. That’s a policy I like to embrace and promote in full, considering that nowadays any service is released to the public in an unfinished state with the excuse of a bigger improvement.

Good Old Games - still in beta

Some noticeable issue is still there, in effect, mostly with the stability and the functionality of the purchased games downloads. Continuing with the hints I can report that the above said problem should be resolved with the release of the (nth) beta of a suitably designed download manager, and considering the number of attempts that has been needed to download MDK I would say that this is the best solution that could be achieved.

In regard of the invite code, obviously I can’t tell it here on the blog, but who is interested can contact me to ask for it. The doors are open to everybody, and the first lucky fellow who receive it will simply need to go to the beta access page to start to use the retrostore.

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