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UPDATE: on the DOSBox official homepage Qbix writes that, “after careful studying the statistics“, the date in which downloads summed up the 10 millions amount has been determined in July 21. Because of this the contest with the CD edition of Dune as a prize is still valid, and the winner selected “randomly” from the 4 people that guessed the date will be contacted shortly to receive it.

News - A succession of fresh, quality news, from inside and outside of the WebThat’s an important goal achieved by “the x86 emulator with DOS“: DOSBox has passed over the crucial amount of 10 millions downloads, including all the supported platforms’ versions. As stated on the official forum hosted on VOGONS, the stats on (the delivery platform that hosts the emulator) of the 17th of August have scored 10,025,792 downloads, and now DOSBox is the 43rd of the 50 most downloaded FOSS projects.

Designed for the emulation of the invaluable heritage of pre-Windows videogames, DOSBox is capable of reproducing in software the hardware instructions of the Intel 286/386 class CPUs including 387 math coprocessor and the debugger, Tandy/Hercules/CGA/EGA/VGA/VESA graphic cards, SoundBlaster 16/Gravis Ultra Sound audio, conventional/XMS/EMS memory and UMB blocks, joystick ports, multiplaying via serial port, DOS routines for file management and everything is needed to let the good old games run once again.

Among the main features of the software is undoubtedly to be cited a remarkable vocation to portability: DOSBox uses the SDL libraries and has already been successfully compiled on several platforms, from Windows to the PlayStation Portable Sony console. The status information available on the official site underlines then how the work on various subsystems useful to achieve the main goal, namely the full emulation of all the DOS-based games, has gone pretty far.

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Currently the compatibility list hosts 3,157 titles, and for each one there are information on the possibility to make the software run and with which playability level. In confirmation of the always growing popularity of the emulator, at present DOSBox is used even in commercial games compilations, as the id Super Pack sold in digital delivery on Steam and containing such classics as Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom (I, II, III) and Quake (here too I, II, III), or the package Sierra Adventure Collections with episodes of Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and others.

To worthily celebrate the 10 millions download Qbix, one of the DOSBox authors, had announced the opening of a contest for who had guessed when the goal would have been achieved, with the rare CD version of Dune as a prize. The contest has gone however, seemingly because of the failing of the SourceForge stats in time for the 15th of August, the date set for its conclusion. Whatever it is, waiting for the Good Old Games retro-store to give some sign of life, DOSBox simply is one of the really essential tools for the everyday practice of any retrogamer worth of the name.

DOSBox - Monkey Island

DOSBox - System Shock

DOSBox - Dune

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