Tron 2 and Evil Dead 4, the return of the classics

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UPDATE: As largely expected, the censorial axe of Disney has knocked down on the bootleg available on YouTube. Not that this matters: I’ve updated the post with the the same video hosted on a Russian portal, and the .flv file available on Sir Arthur’s Den server is always in its place.

Babel fish - A mental interface between Sir Arthur's sensibility and the events from the outer world. And for all the rest, too ComiCon International 2008, an event full of comics, animations and videogames that took place during the last week-end in San Diego, reserved a couple of stunning surprises for those inflexible with quality popular movies, a type of entertainment that counts, beside pop-corn, also on directors, actors and ideas above the usual mud supplied by the majors which then complain about of being (rightly) on the edge of bankruptcy.

At ComiCon the 24th of July Disney presented, totally unexpected, the promo of Tr2n, the Tron sequel. Correct, quite that movie released in 1982 and entered in the collective imagination as the first example of utopian melting between reality and the parallel world which lived into a computer, capable not only to depict but even to effectively render on screen the “electronic” feeling by using a computer graphics way ahead on times.

The short introductory video, a length of ca 150 seconds, shows a revised version of the classical chase aboard the Light Cycles, the two-wheel vehicles made of light that, together with much other of the ideas innervated within Tron, have survived to the movie until they became protagonists of videogames and ubiquitous presences of American TV serials. Then follows Jeff Bridges in the role of an aged Kevin Flynn, the game programmer that in the original story was catapulted into the world made of bits wich himself had contributed to build.

TRON - movie poster

The sequences shown by Disney are in essence everything is known about Tron 2 (or Tr2n) until now, but of course they has been enough to arouse the excitement among fans and more generally aged geeks. Personally I was 5 years old in 1982 and I would have seen the movie several years later, but of it I retain the idea of a true astonishment - reinforced after the last re-vision I’ve granted to myself years ago on VHS - for images so different among the movies I was accustomed to. So technological, so videogames-alike, so “digital”.

Naturally since 1982 movies, videogames, computer graphics and the overall perception of the above said phenomena are radically changed (Matrix has transformed the digital fusion utopia into a dystopia, to say one thing), and so will be *very* interesting to see what Disney will do in the attempt to revive its historic and yet unforgotten brand.

For now is necessary to be satisfied with the bootleg video available on the Web, of which I attach a modified version zoomed from the tiny original rip, a version that still survives, on YouTube, to the censorial stupidity of “Disney Corp”. And if the video had to vanish from GoogleTube on the capable server of Sir Arthur’s Den a nice .flv file would be available alternatively. And who has a good ear to understand, download it ;-) (source: Filmstalker)

Regarding Evil Dead 4, at last, the talented Sam Raimi talked about it on the 26th of July. The director, that before making pyrotechnical movies on Metropolitan Spiders with love pains was used to bring some of the most sharp, disgusting, scary but also funny horror movies never seen on the big screen, was just attending to ComiCon to present his last horror movie, Drag me to hell, but has taken the occasion to reveal that a forth episode of the saga with “Handless Ash” and the deadly (lovecraftian?) Necronomicon ex-mortis as protagonists is on the way of conception during the next weeks.

Raimi, that with Evil Dead saga blessed his idolized-actor Bruce Campbell, talked about the collaboration with his brother Ivan Raimi - already co-author of Evil Dead 3/Army of Darkness and Drag me to hell - in the making of the film story and about how much he would like to return to work with Campbell once again in the role of Ash. In this case however, beyond the excitement for the news, does not exist any promo to show. So we might as well, in the hopeful wait of seeing again the creative gimmicks of a purebred movie-maker like Raimi, enjoy a clip from Evil Dead 2.

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