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Babel fish I don’t know where this post will go, but I think it is at least appropriate to answer back, for that minimum of coherence sometimes I remember to have, to some of the trash freely shot at me, around a month and half ago, with no possibility for me to do something about that or at least oppose to the things “articulated” by the brains in brine with which I have been obliged to deal with in vain for three years of my life.

And considering that, as someone of those “gentlemen” will understand now, usually shit comes back to dirty your ugly face if you don’t shoot it in the right way, I will do my best not to rubbish an entire community of people, some of which will read this post for sure, and to which I owe the same respect and consideration granted to me in months and years of discussions, exchange opinions, confrontations and funny dialectic quarrels.

I have been banned from the “community” around the half of May, with motivations, and I cite exactly from the mail received, regarding my “interventions on the forum, in which you show arrogance, rudeness and tones always beyond the lines“. In short I have been an ugly piece of shit, who has offended everyone, has ragged the rules always and in any case and who has threatened the hold of the editorial status quo and for this I’ve received a nice kick in the ass.

For Heaven’s sake, I’m not in the position to fight back on the “what” – at bottom I tend to be a lot beyond the lines every time I can, it’s a very little diplomatic way that I often pursue for taking head out of the decay of monstrosities typical of this frail historical moment experienced by human race – but on the “how”. Exactly that “how” which has seen the free shot of the above said shit in a discussion on the subject kept in the “Editorial staff” channel of the forum, not accessible to normal users.

An “how” that, I found afterward thanks to the logs of that discussion handed to me in private, is essentially made up of the emphasizing of the fact that my presence, after more that 11.000 messages on the forum and more than 700 news, was unwanted from the majority of the staff. An how that made me know about the ban by chance, by a mail sent for the fact that I couldn’t access to my forum account.

I’ve never hided myself behind a finger and I don’t do so now: I “am” beyond the lines, with time my way to deal with telematic communications has changed profoundly and has bastardized itself, it has extremised itself. I’ve answered, in some sort of self-defence that I haven’t yet metabolized and that I haven’t yet understood how it has begun, with the overreaction to the overload of information, messages, requests, news, notions, stimuli.

If Gianluigi “Zane” Zanettini has therefore endorsed the ban to save the entire hovel, surely I’m not in the position to object anything on the matter. But here I can’t exempt myself from underlining that, in the reactions read in the discussion logs, there is more of personal acrimony and frustration than other. Given the point that I don’t oppose to the ban decision, when I read that (“Mr.TFM”, moderator) “In the past days, the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, obliged me to walk away from MLI for a couple of days“, I tend to have more than a tiny perplexity…

When I read of recalls on the fact that (“Vince”, moderator) “If he had been professional at lest he would have continued with the news (…) I’m sorry, but here the one that made an huge error was him“, I tend to think about “but how, I take a kick in the ass and I should thank, too?” Clearly, “dear” Vince, you don’t fucking know with whom you have dealt with in these years.

I am not your little bitch nor the little bitch of anyone, and if I am thrown away as a member of a “community” to which I felt to belong, as nicknames in the comments of this newborn blog demonstrate, to which bound me relationships, consideration, or friendship even if on the distance, I can’t possibly continue as if nothing was happened to make my pretty little job by contributing with my contents to the portal traffic.

Those considerations make me reinforce the idea that I was seen, by then, as a foreign body by most of the “community”, so to hold together the hovel Zane did right by following the stream and by writing that disgusting garbage in the discussion on the Staff channel.

To sum it up, because this is a talk that risks never to be closed and I have better things to attend to, what I see now on the forum are tones at bottom not so different from mine, or better still, and perpetrated exactly by the one (“Mr.TFM”, moderator) that cried “neapolitan tears” because forced, poor little boy, by the ugly beast that I am to putting himself in an angle and suffer for the displeasure. A “Fuck you”, the less involved reader will understand now, in a case like this comes out naturally. It’s healthy…

I see buddies that should learn to use grammar in a better way before PC who pose like homeland saviours and to cover the role of protegé of the above said “Mr.TFM”, in an atmosphere of brownnosers and gingerbread that make me suddenly vomit. I see with regret (yet, I hope this will pass on soon) published, on a portal that would intend to be a “great Italian reality”, things a little bit indecorous that under my management as News Accountable would have never seen the sunlight for sure, as actually they would deserve by following logic and decency.

The problem, in my recent presence in the megalab “community”, was that as “Mr.TFM” correctly pointed out I was incline to call everyone into ques
, even the moderators, though I usually did it in the private channel “Staff” and so I tended to consider them more like internal discussions than personal attacks done for the simple pleasure of doing them.

I called into question decisions that I’ve always judged as inappropriate and wrong. I called into question the fact that essentially, being the majority of the “staff” of political fascist/rightist/conservative orientation (and if one that has in the logo an “Hard and angry” Snoopy, such as “”, moderator, isn’t a fascist at the bottom of his soul I should say that words have no more meaning at all), tended this majority to permit rightist propaganda of the worst kind and to blame, deal otherwise with any other discussion opposed to the majority opinion.

I’ve called into question too much, it’s true, I admit it, because I believed that things were more important. Clearly, I’ve mistaken everything and I’ve thrown away nearly three years of my life in a project that didn’t fit me. I think of an active involvement in digg, to the English language as an essential “esperanto” of the Net, to the profound modifications of the P2P principles on the economy, the politics, the law and everything, while, as correctly stated by Zane in private conversations by mail, at its best will ever be a portal “1.5”, other than “MLI 2.0” or “great Italian reality”.

I summarize now in my own way, that is with some indigestible and striking statements not much suitable for the good fella of the “community” “staff” of megalab. More than a “community” megalab seems to me, in his whole, as a tiny private club of fans that meet themselves in the basement of the rich daddy to talk about their own common passions. Who lifts the bar, makes noise, calls into question, wants other things, wants more, he is an alien body and is “thrown out” from the above said tiny club.

If megalab was the Precog it would be a perfect system, with no possible minority report. A community of aligned drones and well-disposed tichies (for what they can do) with no great vision of things. At last, I say it with true hate for the touchy queen bees of the “community”: go fuck off (and I moderated myself). To Zane, instead, and to Entrophear, to Pacopas, to ssjx, to Robby and to many others I say thanks for the piece of good time spent togheter on

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